What to Look for When Hiring a Removalist

Moving can be an exciting event, since it represents a new beginning. However, moving can be extremely stressful, and there is no doubting that it is a daunting endeavor that certainly necessitates planning and preparation. Choosing the appropriate Perth removalist is one of the most important components of moving. This is especially true if you live in Perth, which has an abundance of removalists to pick from and finding a good on is key. So, what should you check for when selecting a Perth removalist? We will explain the essential aspects to consider when making your decision and I hope this article can give you some usual pointers.

Experience is Key

While looking for a removalist company in Perth, the first thing you should look for is their level of experience. You can ascertain this from several factors. No 1, Having positive reviews, primarily from a google / Facebook search of the company’s name, these forums are generally the most reliable. 2. The phone manor of the company’s you’re calling and the more thorough, is a good indicator. 3. Recommendations from friends and family. No 4 Trust your gut feeling. Moving needs knowledge and skill that not everyone possesses. The greater a removalist’s experience, the better equipped they will be to handle your move, big or small. Skilled movers are also more likely to have a well-organised and efficient method in place, which will aid in the smooth running of your move.

It is crucial to realise that experience does not always imply greater prices. While some more experienced movers may charge more and the biggest companies do contract some of their work, which can affect the quality of service as they tend to want to make a good return from their pricing structure. To sum up, the key to discover reasonably priced Removalists Perth with years of experience and a good quality reputation. But it’s important to remember that low-cost removalists typically underpay their employees, which can result in a lower-quality service. I’ll cover this further later in the blog.


Depot and Travel Charges

Depot and transit expenses are something that many people moving don’t always fully understand. Some removal companies have no depot fee, in this scenario, from what I’ve found is that their employees are paid in the same manor, experienced and high-quality removalists won’t work under this system. They are generally paid 60-70% of their hours. Some will demand a call out fee to cover the cost of fuel and other expenditures that are incurred in traveling on your move. 2 Easy charge depot to depot and I believe in this system, as bias as it sounds! While comparing quotations, it’s critical to be aware of these fees and consider them into your final cost.

While some removalists do charge these costs, it is important to note that others do not. Some removalists in Perth, for example, do not impose depot costs and instead include them in their hourly rate and unexplained added costs. For example, charging you extortionate fees to move items such as fridges, washing machines and general heavy furniture, up-to $100 per item, and they know that they have you over a barrel. These items shouldn’t occur an additional fee unless it comes to moving pianos, pool tables and spas.

Tools and Equipment

Another important element to consider when hiring a removalist is the gear and equipment, they have onboarded in their truck. Some Perth removalists may lack the essential tools to handle certain objects, such as heavy furniture, i.e., heavy tables, large fridges, heavy couches etc. Also, fragile items such as tv’s, mirrors and artwork. To guarantee that they can handle your relocation safely and efficiently, inquire about the equipment they have available.

Removal companies should provide moving equipment, such as trolleys, dollies, table dollies and lifting harnesses to assist in moving heavy items, especially when moving furniture up and down stairs. This will ensure that your belongings are moved correctly during the move. Having a full tool bag including drills, Allen keys, spanner of all size are the most integral tools that the company you book should 100% have. Some removalists may not have these tools onboard. It’s important to check that the removal team you pick have these onboard to make your move as hassle free as it can be.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

The staff employed by a removalist can make or break the overall moving experience. When you engage removalists, you want to know that the employees will be pleasant, helpful and professional. Having rude, unprofessional, or unhelpful employees during an already stressful moment is the last thing you want.

It should be noted that some of the larger removalist companies may subcontract their services to third-party companies as mentioned earlier. The service quality can vary widely, this can lead to variations in the level of service delivered. If you want to

ensure that you receive the best of service, search for a removalist who uses their own employees.

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly

Disassembling and reassembling furniture is one of the most time-consuming and difficult components of moving, especially for inexperienced movers. Whilst looking for a removalist in Perth, be sure they provide this service if you require. Some may charge an additional fee but most include this in their hourly or fixed rate. My advice is to choose the latter.

Check to see if the removalist has experience assembling and dismantling the type of furniture you own especially certain beds, complicated IKEA furniture and some tables. So, if you have a one-of-a-kind or complicated piece of furniture, you should inquire to whether the removalist is capable of handling it.

Placement of Furniture and Boxes

Another key element to consider when selecting a removalist in Perth is how your furniture and boxes will be placed in your new home. Some removalists may simply drop everything in one location and leave you to sort it out. Most should take the time to put everything in its proper position, making the unpacking process much easier. As mentioned, most companies will place all items where you ask. Make sure you mark the boxes with their location and a good tip is to label the bedrooms using something like post-it notes.

It’s recommended discussing this with the company you choose ahead of time to ensure that your items are placed where you want them. Some Perth removalists may also provide a floor plan service, in which they map out where each item will go in your new home, usually for large to very large houses.

Deposit Charges

It’s worth mentioning that reputable removal companies would never ask for a deposit ahead of your move. This is due to their confidence in their ability to provide a high-quality, reliable service and they needn’t ask for a deposit to secure your appointment. Whenever a removalist requests a deposit, it may be an indication that they are not as dependable as they claim to be, and some won’t even return it if they weren’t to turn up.

Unreliable Removalists

Sadly, like with any industry, removalists in Perth can be untrustworthy and may cancel on the day or delay your move at the last minute. I believe it’s down to some companies booking in everything they can and then cancelling the moves that won’t profit them as much. This would incredibly stressful and frustrating because you may be left stranded with no-one to move you. This can upset the people moving in and the real estate, even though it’s no fault of your own. When selecting a removalist, examine reviews and select from bad to good reviews as some of their great reviews may-be staff, friends, family or even purchased.

Cost of Removal Boxes

Most companies charge for removal boxes, and some can be quite exorbitant. You want to make sure the boxes you use for your move are double ply as they hold far more structural strength. Without naming companies, the big DIY stores and office stores sell very low-quality removal equipment. A reasonable price to pay is $4-$5 for tea-chest boxes and $3-$4 dollars for smaller book/wine cartons. Our boxes are well priced, and we offer 20 free boxes at no charge, unless you need them delivered, or they can be picked up from our depot in Osborne Park at no charge.

Therefore, while selecting a removalist in Perth, there are at-least half a dozen variables to consider. You can ensure that your relocation goes well and without stress by doing your research and comparing different companies. Good luck with your move and you won’t be disappointed if you decide to move with 2 Easy!

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