Tips for Packing and Moving Items when Moving Home


Moving can be an extremely stressful experience, especially when it comes to packing fragile items such as glassware, electronics, and artwork. However, with some careful planning and preparation, you can ensure that your fragile items arrive at your new home intact. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with some tips for packing fragile items during your move. We do offer packing services if you’d like to make your removal a bit easier. We also offer 20 free removals boxes, Book and wine and Tea-chest), for any move we do Perth.

Their dimensions are as follows, Book and wine boxes (W: 29.8cm, L: 40.6cm, H: 43.1cm) and Tea-chest boxes (W: 41cm, L: 43cm, H: 60cm)

Additional moving boxes are charged at $5 for our tea-chest boxes, $4 for our book and wine boxes, $13 for our Porta robe boxes, which includes a metal bar to hang your clothes on. Materials such as Bubble-wrap is free of charge as well as packing paper, if you decide to use 2 Easy to pack your house. If not, bubble-wrap is $2 per metre, packing paper is $8 per 3kg, $4 a roll of removal tape, which is thick and very strong.

  • Use the right packing materials

The first step in packing fragile items is to use the right packing materials. You should invest in sturdy double ply removalist cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and markers. Avoid using newspaper as a packing material as the ink can transfer onto your items.

  • Start with a layer of cushioning

Before you start packing your fragile items, you should place a layer of cushioning at the bottom of the removals box and for extra fragile items, do the same at the top of the box. This could be crumpled paper, polystyrene, or bubble wrap. The cushioning will help absorb any shocks or vibrations during the removals. Also, keep a few boxes aside for your essential items and know where they are. They can be unloaded at your new place first to see you through a day or two, before the unpacking takes place.

  • Wrap each item individually

Next, you should wrap each fragile item individually. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap each item and secure it with tape. This will help prevent the items from knocking into each other during transit if it’s not a tight load but with a good removalist you’ll be ok, but just in case. With BBQs, lawnmowers or gardening equipment, please drain fuel from them prior to moving as they can’t be moved containing fuel. This can be a safety hazard in the moving truck. For items in your outdoor shed, wrap any tools into small bundles and pack them into boxes. Be mindful that tools are heavy, and overloading could break the moving box. With pot plans, do not water them for a few days prior to moving. If they are packed into the same truck as your furniture, a watered plant may leak and cause damage to your furniture and the floor of the moving truck.

  • Pack items tightly

When packing your fragile items, you should pack them tightly together in a good quality furniture removals box. This will help prevent them from moving around during transit. Make sure there is no empty space in the box but avoid over-packing as this can also lead to damage. If you’re moving items yourself, think about using suitcases to use up space and move items easily. Also don’t over-load boxes with heavier items as this can cause the boxers to break and cause damage to items in the move. It will also make moving them a lot easier. If you’re moving lamps, remove lampshade and bulbs and pack into boxes carefully.

  • Label the Box

Finally, you should label the box clearly as “fragile”. This will ensure that the removalists know to handle the box with care. You could also mark which way up the box should be kept. With non-fragile boxes, label each box with the room that it will go in at your new home. This is essential to create less time on moving and an easier method for anyone who is unpacking the boxes. If you are dismantling items, pack any screws into ziplock bags so they’re not lost at your new home for the reassembly.

I hope the above information helped and when finding a removalist, make sure they have great reviews, perhaps Bias in our case. Search for removalists Perth. As mentioned before Google reviews are by far the most reliable followed by Facebook.

Shortly, I’ll post a comprehensive video of all the steps you need take to take when packing removals boxes, this should further help with the above information.

When looking for a removalist, avoid the cheapest companies and the most expensive companies, the reason being is large companies contract out a lot of their work and the quality of removalists can vary. The cheaper removalists, lower their overheads and 90% of the time they can’t pay staff well, which will lead to more damage and the removal being a longer process. Experience and how a company treats their removalists, regarding, how well their moving teams are paid and respecting when they’re in need of days off / holidays is paramount, and I’ve found that not many removalists in Perth are overly accommodating to this. Number one is respect and having a good morale.

So, in summary. Strong boxes are essential, in that they will hold firm. This will avoid them crushing each other when they’re being stacked by the removalist. And at mentioned, 2 Easy Removals can supply 20 for free and very competitive rates for extra requirements. Protect the bottom and top of the boxes. Label the boxes and most importantly, the fragile ones. Individual items that won’t fit in the box, wrap them in bubble wrap and either use packing tape or shrink-wrap to sure the wrap on tightly.

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