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Cleaning your new rental

If you rent a house in Perth then you’ll know only too well the challenges that come with moving house. Not only do you have to contend with the move itself but also the wrath of the owner/real estate when it comes time for a final inspection. However, we’d argue that the hardest part is […]


5 Things to Consider When Moving Your Fridge

Moving household appliances is an intricate affair. Most of the household electrical appliances are very expensive and they should be handled with a lot of care. The fridge is considered as one of the most delicate and heavy domestic machines. Ignorance and inexperience are to blame for damaging your fridge when shifting. What are the necessary precaution measures you need to […]


Charity Store Donations

Charity Store Donations Whether you’re moving house or office, now is the perfect time to assess your belongings and decide what’s worth keeping and what’s worth giving away. And let’s face it, we’ve all got ‘stuff’ that we forgot we even had! As your belongings go into boxes and cupboards get emptied it’s worth considering […]


Moving house with Children

Moving in Perth is challenging but moving house when you have children is especially tough. Kids will have to get used to new friends, a new home and sometimes a new school. For some kids it can be incredibly unnerving.   If you are moving with your children, you need to take special care to […]


Moving House Memory Test

When moving day comes even those with the greatest memory will forget something. You’ll have to keep your mind on so many different things at once, while packing, loading, sweating and groaning. And if you’ve got kids or Perth turns on it’s extreme weather then you know you’re in for a fun ride moving house. […]

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