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Protecting Furniture with Shrink Wrap

Perth Removals: Protecting Mattresses & Sofas when Moving Home

It’s no secret that moving home can be hugely stressful. What’s worse, even a successful move can be marred by items arriving dirty and temporarily soiled after being loaded and unloaded from different Perth removal vehicles. Did you know, however, that when moving house in Perth, there is a relatively easy way to protect dirt and stain prone items such as mattresses and sofas?


How Bubble Wrap & Shrink Wrap can make Perth Removals Easy

When thinking about how to protect your home furnishings, it’s important to remember that different items will often need different levels of protection in the first place.

Do you need to protect large glass surfaces such as picture frames and hanging mirrors? If so, sturdy sheets of corrugated cardboard can be ideal. This is because such sheets are rigid enough to protect glass and finished wood surfaces from most slight impacts during stacking and transit.

When it comes, however, to upholstered items such as sofas, chairs, futons, and mattresses, things can get a little trickier. This is because when moving house in Perth, these items are the most likely to accumulate hard to remove dust and pitted in dirt stains. The good news, however, is that all such stains can be completely avoided, simply by using high-quality bubble and plastic shrink wrap.


How to use Shrink Wrap to Protect Fabrics

In many ways, shrink wrap is like giant industrial cling film. Unlike kitchen wrap, however, Perth removals experts such as ourselves can wrap furniture items before heating shrink wrap itself, in order to create a durable barrier against dust and other types of debris. Even better, using shrink wrap when moving house in Perth can also help you secure dresser draws, cupboards, and other movable furniture elements.

Do you want to provide the best protection possible for your belongings when you next move? If so, let us help you seal out dust and dirt completely by reaching our to our Perth removals experts today for more information.

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