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2 Easy Removals loves to make moving as easy as it could possibly be for all parties involved. In order to achieve this, apparatus must be of good quality and be tailored to your move. We have a range of equipment that will make your removal that much smoother. Below is a list of our furniture removals equipment, which helps make us one of the best Perth Removalists.

  • The Prized Furniture Skate

    Arguably the handiest bit of kit out there for removals. We have furniture skates in two sizes. Our larger skates are better for long distances with boxes and furniture such as apartments/offices. Our smaller skates are better designed for house removals and moving furniture in tight angles, where trolleys wouldn’t be appropriate. Here is a list of some of the essential removal tools that we couldn’t live without.

  • The Cool Fridge Trolley

    Couldn’t complete a successful removal without one of these. Made by Westmix, these are the strongest and best trolleys in the removals industry. They are as strong as they come and can lift anything up to 250kgs with ease. Great for moving washing machines, fridges, bookcases, boxes… the list goes on. They also come with a strap and locking mechanism, to make sure your items are secure as possible, which is especially important through doorways and areas with tight access.

  • The Musical Dolly

    Able to carry up to 500kgs, this dolly can move the heaviest pianos. Some removalists try to use smaller dollies and the results can be damaging, to say the least. These dollies make piano removals a doddle and will make sure your piano is moved safely and in one piece.

  • Spine Saving Straps

    The Should Dolley is an American invention and cannot be bought in Australia, let alone Perth. We have these shipped in and we couldn’t go without them. We pride ourselves on our removalists safety and efficiency, this in turn expediting your move while keeping your items safe. This great tool helps to take the weight away from the back and arms and give a safer and more stable lift.

Other essential items include Furniture Removals Blanket, Strong Straps, Ratchet Straps for heavier items, Extra Large Dolly for office and apartment removals and a full toolkit including a drill.

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