Osborne Park Removals

Our Removalist hub is centrally located in the superbly positioned Osborne Park. It is close to the Freeway with great access to both South of the river Perth removals and North of the river Perth removals. Unlike some Removal companies, we are central to most areas of Perth. We do charge from our Osborne Park depot and the reason for this is because we believe in fair pay for our staff. Companies that waive this charge, don’t pay their Removalists from when they leave the depot to when they return. This can mean hours cut from their day and they also have to make it into the depot on top of that. We believe by cutting this from their pay you don’t end up with the best removal staff. Fair pay = Good Removalists.

Osborne Park

Originally named after an 1875 butcher named William Osborne, Osborne Park today is a leading residential and commercial hub of the Western Australian Capital.

Home to a number of businesses and warehouse operations, Main Street in Osborne Park features a wide variety of shopping centres, places to eat, and themed cafes. Moreover, Osborne Park itself is one of Perth’s most transformative suburbs when it comes to business and industry. The nutrient-rich soil in the area, for example, originally saw the area serve as a market garden area, which was popular among Chinese, Yugoslav, and early European immigrants.

Still, a predominantly business led suburb, only the most north-easterly area of Osborne Park is today given over to housing rather than industry. The area is, however, also home to a wide variety of hotels and local sporting groups and is still considered one of Perth’s most sought-after commuter postcodes.

Osborne Park has been also been recently named as Perth’s most affordable inner-city suburb. The City of Stirling industrial and residential area is 7km from Perth came in at number one on a list of the most affordable suburbs within 10km and 20km of the Perth CBD.

Osborne Park, which is approximately halfway between Perth city and Scarborough Beach, has a median house price of just $436,000.

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