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2 Easy Removals offers a large range of removal services in and around Peppermint Grove as you can see from our list below.


2 Easy Peppermint Grove removalists offer a large range of removal services. Whether you just need your furniture moved from point A to point B or you need a full packing and unpacking service, we are here to help. With over 10 years experience and extensive knowledge of the suburbs in the Peppermint Grove area, we are your go to option in a local and short removal service. Best of all we offer free boxes to all of our customers on a hire basis. These boxes are the strongest in the industry and will really help you to get starting on your moving adventure. Click get quote now to the right of the screen and you’re one step closer to booking with the best of Peppermint Grove removalists.

Our 2 Easy Depot covers the entire Peppermint Grove region for all of your home and office moves.

Why Move to the Idyllic Peppermint Grove?

A very well known suburb of Perth and even Australia. A spectacular suburb to start a family or retire. Situated on the north bank of the swan river and boasting some of the most stunning views in Perth.

With an median house price of over $3.5 million, Peppermint Grove has been dubbed Australia’s Monaco, due to its small size and its wealth. With a population of 1529 and area of just 15 square kilometres, the suburb is WA’s smallest municipality

A touch on it's history...

From the the time the Europeans settled and for decades after the area was densely wooded with Jarrah, redgum and tuart, as well as the peppermint trees which gave the suburb its name.

An innkeeper named named John Butler, originally for the South of England was granted 150 acres of land, now known as Peppermint Grove.
After changing hands on several occasions and in 1891 was bought by a small syndicate of men, whom sold it in to subdivisions for between 7-12 pounds or $15-$25, selling fast understandably. Hard to imagine considering vacant lots selling for up to $3500 per square metre nowadays.

5 Great Reasons to use 2 Easy Removals for your Peppermint Grove move?

Experience in all types of house removals, from using cranes to take you grand piano to the top floor to carefully moving your precious antique furniture.

Friendly and attentive removalists to guide you through every step of way throughout your move.

One of Perth’s best rated removalists over the last 5 years.

Offer free packing materials for all of our moves

Fully insured for any damages to your furniture or property.

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