Perth Removalists advice on Packing materials you’ll need for your next move

One critical factor of any Perth house removal is using the correct packaging. If all of your belongings are correctly packed using the right packing materials, then they can be securely and safely transported to the new property. Here is a collection of some of the main packing materials you must have when doing a move in Perth and why choose us for your next move.


Boxes – The most common packing material used when moving is a packing box. While you can still use the regular cardboard boxes, it is highly recommended to use the bigger and stronger boxes made from strong cardboard that are specifically designed for being moved and stacked. This way you will not have to worry about the safety of your belongings during the move as they will be in more capable boxes. At 2 Easy Removals, you even get free boxes to use for your move which makes your move more hassle free. We are the only one moving company in Perth offering this free box system.


Packing paper – Yet another important packing material is the blank paper that will be used for wrapping up delicate items like plates and glasses. Ensure that it is used liberally to cover all the breakable items during the your move. Furthermore, if there is any extra space inside a box and you do not want things rattling around, you can use this paper to fill in those empty spaces.


Bubble wrap – Most people like to pop this popular bubble wrap that usually comes with new appliances. Just like how it is used to ensure that whatever appliance you bought reaches you safely without any dents, using bubble wraps while doing a move will give you the same benefit. This is particularly important for wrapping fragile items, including your finest china and anything breakable. Once everything is safely transported, you can resume popping the wrap. As we are professional Perth removalists that can do it all, we are happy to wrap all items for you.


Packing Labels – Labels are important to maintaining sanity after finishing any relocation. With a good labelling system when you are packing up your belongings, the process of unpacking afterwards becomes a lot easier. The labels also make it easier to keep track of just how many boxes you are using during the move and allow for better accountability.


When you choose 2 Easy for all your moving needs, you are guaranteed of receiving quality service from experienced professionals. Over our extensive period dealing as one of the top moving companies in Perth, we have basically seen it all. From transporting fragile and bulky goods to awkwardly shaped items, we have proven ourselves as the a superb removal company. We can provide all the necessary packing materials and expertise to make your move very smooth and take a look at our packing services page for even more information.

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