Moving Your Appliances

Moving Your Applicances

2 Easy Removals are the perfect team to turn to during your time of moving and packing. And, whilst we endeavour to do everything possible to make things smooth for you there are still things that we recommend you do before we arrive. Making good arrangements before any removals company arrives will not only make their work easier but can also save you some money along the way. And who doesn’t like saving money!

Before you hire 2 Easy Removals, its important that you know we carry trolleys, suitable lifting machines and protective moving covers. We don’t shirk any of our responsibilities.

Having said this, to ensure your move goes off without a hitch it is important that you take the necessary steps to secure your electrical items and belongings.



One of the most important ‘removal’ appliances is the microwave. Cleaning and drying the microwave is essential but it’s more important is to first pack the microwave plate carefully. It is usually made of glass and can get loose leading to breakage. Clean it, dry it, and wrap it in paper. Pack it separately and label the box you put it in so it’s easy to find.


Washing Machine

Make sure you get through all of your laundry before you move. You should clear your washing load at least two days before you are planning to pack everything up.

Complete cleaning, drying, and emptying the machine hoses is a very important task before your machine is packed. Properly dry the machine inside out and then drain out all the water in the hoses. Detach the washing machine from the electricity and put all the wiring inside the machine and close the lid. It’s also worth taping the wire and attaching with the machine instead of dragging it all the way and ultimately damaging the power cord. Also check your instruction manual to see if there are any items you need to secure when moving your machine.

Keep the laundry basket, tub, washing powder, and different laundry accessories either inside the machine or pack them with it. This saves you from misplacing them. Every little bit helps!



Dry your dryer and empty its hoses. 2 Easy Removals can also help you keep the hoses out for drying but it would be time-saving if you do it prior to our arrival. Also remove all the lint from the filter so it will be clean and ready for use at your new house. As with the washing machine check your instruction booklet to see if there is anything you need to secure when moving your dryer.


Defrost and Clean Your Fridge

Start emptying your fridge a few nights before moving. Your fridge should be completely defrosted and dried to save it from smelling. Detach it from the electricity before you start defrosting your fridge, as keeping the fridge doors open while it is turned off will defrost the fridge in no time. Also trying cleaning the fridge walls with vinegar. It’s a bit of an old wives tale but it does work in preventing smells. A cleaned and fresh fridge will help you to reconnect it as soon as you arrive to your new home.

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