Moving House Memory Test

When moving day comes even those with the greatest memory will forget something. You’ll have to keep your mind on so many different things at once, while packing, loading, sweating and groaning. And if you’ve got kids or Perth turns on it’s extreme weather then you know you’re in for a fun ride moving house.


So, to make sure you don’t get that ‘I’ve forgot something’ feeling we’ve compiled a list of what to remember to do when moving.


Leave no stone unturned

It goes without saying that you’ll need to double check each room before you drive away. Beyond that, here are the things you will need to remember to do:

For All Moves:

  • Check the freezer – Food stuff that’s left behind generally won’t smell too good when you get to your new place
  • Forward your mail – Don’t forget to change your address. It’s one of the most common mistakes
  • Print directions – Know where you’re going? It’s best to print directions just in case
  • Have water & food – Make sure everyone is well hydrated and fed – especially kids
  • Measurements – Make sure you know the size of your furniture before loading it into the truck. Theres nothing worse than your couch not being able to fit!
  • Label – Label all moving boxes so that you know where best to put them in the new house
  • Safe lifting – Keep safety in mind. If an item is heavy ask for help. Moving is an easy way to put your back out or do more damage.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – Closed toe shoes and gloves are a must
  • Use lighting – If you’re moving at night (it does happen!) make sure you have a light on hand!

If you’re moving out of a rental house:

  • Take pictures – Document the house before you leave to avoid any additional charges.
  • Leave keys/rent – Leave the keys and pay any owing rent.
  • Clean – Clean the house from top to bottom.
  • Get your bond back – Make sure to ask the landlord for your bond to be returned.
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