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Furniture Removals Blanket - What are They & Why we use Them


Moving Blankets: The No.1 way to Protect Furniture when Moving


At 2 Easy Removals, planning and executing the perfect home move is in our DNA.


Whether you are an avid fine art collector or you are planning a large-scale office move, 2 Easy Removals can help you get from A to B in Perth with minimal fuss. This is because our No.1 priority always rests with us transporting all of your personal belongings as safely as possible. What, do you need to know, however, if you are planning on undertaking a DIY home move?



Why Moving Blankets are Essential for safe Furniture Moving


When planning to move home in Perth, many people assume that large and often delicate furniture items can be adequately prepared for transport, simply by wrapping such items in layers of bubble wrap. The only problem with this approach, however, lies with the fact that bubble wrap can’t adequately protect home furnishings and appliances when these are stacked as compactly as possible in removal vehicles themselves.

From chipped and dented hardwood surfaces to scrapes and scuffs on white goods, as soon as pressure is applied at any point during transportation, bubble wrap is prone to fail and result in significant cosmetic damage to a wide variety of your household belongings. The good news, however, is that by wrapping items in dedicated moving blankets, (sometimes as well as bubble wrap) it is possible to fully prevent such damage from occurring.



Using Moving Blankets to Prevent Damage to your Property & Your Belongings


How moving blankets work to protect household goods and furnishings is simple. Scratches are completely avoided thanks to the fact that different item and vehicular surfaces are completely prevented from making direct contact. At the same time, when heavy items are stacked on top of each other, moving blankets help distribute pressure more evenly and in doing so, help prevent denting and pitting of furnishings. However, moving blankets aren’t just the No.1 way to protect home furnishing and appliance surfaces.

Does the property which you are moving into boast beautiful wood staircases and paneling? If so, it should always be considered best practice to cover such areas with moving blankets until items have been removed from or relocated into a property. This way, you can fully guard against accidental scuffs and scrapes to fixed property features, as well as just household goods and furnishings themselves.



Why Thicker Purpose Designed Moving Blankets are Always Better


At 2 Easy Removals, we use only the thickest and most rugged moving blankets when getting home furnishings ready for transit. At the same time, we are always able to identify what furnishings and white goods might also benefit from bubble wrapping and application of dedicated moving boards for added protection. This way, we can ensure each of our clients that any risk of damage to their belongings will always be reduced to the absolute minimum.

Are you getting ready to move? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 2 Easy Removals today. At the same time, if you are planning a DIY move (or in the event that you choose to work with a different removal company), always remember that you owe it to yourself to use high-quality moving blankets, as well as just bubble wrap and cardboard moving boards to secure your personal belongings as safely as possible.

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