Cleaning your new rental

If you rent a house in Perth then you’ll know only too well the challenges that come with moving house. Not only do you have to contend with the move itself but also the wrath of the owner/real estate when it comes time for a final inspection. However, we’d argue that the hardest part is settling into a new house and making it feel a little more like ‘home’.

We believe that the best way to make a house feel like a home is a little bit of elbow grease when you first move in. You’ll find plenty of things that need repairing and cleaning and, when you’re done, you’ll feel a sense of pride and ownership. The top five spots to look at when you move in:


The Kitchen

This is a great first spot to hit because it is usually at the center of a home and the place that you’ll be preparing the all important food and drinks. Clean the cabinet interiors first so you can get some things put away and free up some space. Then you can close the doors and be comfortable that everything inside is clean and ready for use. Then hit the kitchen surfaces like benchtops, backsplash, and flooring. Finally give the appliances and sink and good scrub.


The Bathroom

Using the bathroom facilities comfortably and without feeling like you’re in a strangers bathroom helps you feel more at ease when you’re settling into a new rental. It goes without saying that a good old fashioned (read, tough scrubbing) of the toilet, shower, bath and sink will make you feel a lot better. In fact, it’s not a nice job but if you can fit a new toilet seat it can help make it feel a little newer!


Cupboards and Storage

No one likes living out of boxes so cleaning cupboards will let you unpack a lot of and allow you to hang up/put away your clothing. Clean the floors, wipe down any shelving, and clean the walls and door. Cupboards are a great place for insects to hide so don’t be afraid to use a vacuum cleaner – everywhere!



Giving the walls a wipe-down will remove cobwebs, dust, and fingerprints left behind by the previous tenant. If you’re in a freshly-painted apartment — as is sometimes the case — just be sure to clean the ceiling (with a duster) and light switches (they’re a good trap for fingerprints).



You’re going to be spending a lot of time in these rooms so it’s a good idea to clean them when you move in. Open the windows, vacuum the floor, clean the walls, skirting and door trims. In fact cleaning the door trims is one job thats often overlooked but can really help add that extra polish to your new home.

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