Our Door to Door Service Makes it a Breeze

Your storage facility is safe, secure, clean and you never need to visit! Our door to door service gives you hand free and cheap storage at just a single phone call away. At your preference, we will collect your belongings, take them to our secure site and return them at your liking.

The Right Space Tailored to You

You need not worry about your furniture and belongings in one of our state of the art, clean and secure storage units. You neither need to worry about not being sure of how much storage space you’ll need, and if you’re not sure one of our professional storage consultants can aid you in picking a space that’s just right for you.

Affordable and Easy

Obviously price is a factor with any element of removals. We at 2 Easy Removals, want to provide the best level of service at an affordable rate. From our removalists and our packers to our storage. You can be assured that our rates will be very competitive and our service second to none. This will make it a pleasant experience all round.

And of Course, Insured

2 Easy Removals firstly make sure all of your items are packed impeccably for their time in storage. We will bubblewrap where necessary and we offer free mattress and couch covering for all moves. Our moving insurance doesn’t just cover your removal service but it also covers of your furniture in our safe and secure storages unit. Our team will record any previous scratches and damages and will make sure no new damages are made. If in the rare instance, any of you furniture is damaged, we will replace or repair at your convenience.

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