The Strongest Box In The Business!

Not only the strongest in the removals industry but also free of charge.

Isn't Cardboard all the same?

The answer to this question is 2 Easy, NO!

Cardboard boxes come in many forms and the integrity of the box is the all important part when it comes to protecting your valuable items. 2 Easy Removals ensures that all of our removal boxes are of the highest grade cardboard to give maximum support to the contents. We use double ply cardboard to give the box double the strength of the majority of boxes.

Not 2 Easy Removals Boxes




2 Easy Removals Boxes

Removals Boxes

Box Packing Tips

  • Start by taping the bottom of the box. Use 2-3 strips of tape for optimum strength.
  • Apply padding to the bottom of your removals box using scrunched newspaper or butchers paper.
  • Carefully place your items and make sure fragile items are wrapped with paper and/or bubble-wrap.
  • With cutlery, make sure you tape together to prevent them from being loose in box.
  • When packing books in tea chest boxes, make sure you don’t fill as will become too heavy, half fill and fill the rest of the space with lighter items.
  • Apply padding to the top of the box also using same method as before.
  • Label boxes well, include room name and list whats in the box.
  • Close the box, tape well and make sure it is full to the brim.

Free Boxes Do I Hear?

Yes, you heard correctly. We are the only Perth removalist to offer free boxes to all of our clients. We can even have them delivered at a very reasonable cost or alternatively you can collect them for us at no charge. As mentioned, our boxes are the strongest in the world of furniture removals and will make sure they keep all of your precious possessions safe at all times during the move. So what are you waiting for, contact us and book you next move in now.

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