Why it’s Best to Avoid The Cheap Removalists of Perth

Why you Should Never Work with a Cheap Moving Company

Moving home can be hugely stressful. As well, after all, as all of the logistical implications surrounding moving your home furniture, you also need to schedule time out of work and make hundreds of other arrangements. This is why when it comes to moving day itself, you really can’t afford to be let down by fly by night movers found on places like Gumtree.


Damage to Furniture

Most cheap removalists will advertise they are insured. However, when it comes to claiming that soon changed and they will even have the audacity to blame to customer. I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for (USUALLY). YOu have to understand that removalists lower their rates by cutting their own costs. Lower paid staff results in a high turnover and inexperienced removalists, whom are bound to increase the liklihood of damage on your move. A large number of them charge cash and avoid tax, so the chance that they’d be going through insurance companies to cover them is low.Protective materials and moving utensils are usually spared to save money and therefore the move willl take longer, which clearly they’d prefer.


Australian Moving Horror Stories

By and large, even last moment movers found on places like Gumtree will move homeowners belongings from A to B. With unregistered movers, however, you can never be assured that such home movers will pay your belongings the care and attention which they really deserve.

From scuffed white goods to chipped furnishings, a man with a van will rarely come equipped with essential moving aids such as moving blankets. What is worse, most will attempt to hurry moves and charge you extra for delays. This is why if you are planning a home move in Perth, it always pays to draw upon the full resources of more professional moving companies.


Common Moving Scams in Perth

Are you on a tight moving budget? If so, it can be tempting to opt for the cheapest movers advertised in print and online classified listings. You need to remember, however, that many seemingly affordable moving companies will often invoice their clients for a variety of hidden costs.

Is a mover who you have called keeping you on the line while they make a quick list of all your belongings? If so, be prepared to be invoiced extra for any item which you omit to mention when it comes to moving day itself. Such calls aren’t a courtesy. More often than not, they are simply a symptom of hugely unethical bait and switch pricing models.


Moving home in Perth the Right Way

From enrolling kids in new schools to changing utility companies, moving home gives people in Perth a lot to think about. Thankfully, moving doesn’t have to be difficult. This is because home movers such as ourselves will always quote you the best price possible while doing everything which we can to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t put your next move at risk. Instead, call or contact us today for a no-obligation free quotation.



Imagine it comes to moving day and your removalists are no where to be seen. You give their office a call and they aren’t answering or even worse tell you they’re running late. Another hour goes by and still no sign, You call again and they apologise but there has been another day. Two hours go by and they tell you, I’m sorry the truck has broken down and they won’t be coming to do your move today. Unfortunately, this is extremely common when using a cheap removalist. They have either booked too many jobs in for that day and chosen to move the big ones, or they are running late and then decide it’s too late and their removlaists don’t want to conduct your move.

We recieve half a dozen calls a week with poor customers being left in the lurch. 2 Easy Removals will never let our clients down and if we are running late you will be informed and we will always fulfill our clients moving needs.

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