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Why 2 Easy to Move My Apartment?

At 2 Easy, we don’t believe all moves are the same or require the exact same skill set from their removalists. Apartment removals, like houses, have a diverse array of requirements. They can range from easy access with a very simple move process to stairs with multiple bends, heavy furniture and obstructing balconies. Some moves also require the truck to be parked a long way from the apartment.

The Right Tools For Any Job

However, even the easiest of moves can be massively delayed if you’ve hired a removal company that doesn’t have the correct moving utensils. Basic tools such as flat dollies and fridge trolleys are vital to creating a simple move. We have moved 1000’s of Perth apartments over the years and we are more than likely to have moved customers from the exact same building. This experience will help to expedite your move and you can benefit from our personal understanding of loading areas and the different elevators and access points.

Bad Access Removal Experts

We can easily deal with items that won’t fit in the lift and need to be carried down from the top floor of a 26th floor East Perth building. We are also able to use of cranes to move pool tables and pianos over balconies, we’ve seen and done it all. We are Perth’s expert at bad access furniture removals.

We Plan Your Move

Best of all, we are more than happy to give you all of the advice needed to point you in the right direction. We can advise you on how to plan your move into/out of an apartment, both cost effectively and promptly.

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Why we believe, we are one of the best apartment removalists Perth has to offer.

  • Over 1/3 of our moves are Apartments. This means we have the know-how and experience to move even the trickiest of them.
  • We are prepared for every apartment move with two large flatbed dollies ( twice the size of the standard) and two fridge trolleys to dramatically speed up your move.
  • Experts in balcony lifts, with experience of items up to 500kgs.
  • Highly trained removalists that can keep your furniture safe throughout your move.
  • An experienced estimator will visit your apartment and inform you of the best approach given the access and furniture you have.
  • Advice on parking and necessary permits that in some cases will need to be required.
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