Insufficient space can be a major issue you may face when moving out of a family home or large apartment. If you are downsizing your home, renovating your house or trying to store valuable antiques that may not match the style of your new residence, then placing your belongings in storage is the best option. However, before putting your belongings in a storage unit, you have to make sure they are properly prepared. Shovelling them in won’t do any good, it could result in damaged or broken items. Not knowing where to start is natural. So, to help you, here is our Guide on how to correctly store your furniture and items safely away.

Make sure they are completely clean and dry

Before wrapping and stacking furniture make sure they are dry and clean. Moulds and fungi love moisture and dirt so you can just imagine how your furniture will appear to be after years of being stored. Additionally, storing them means you won’t be able to clean them for ages. So, might as well thoroughly clean them before stashing them away. But before starting, you have to be careful in cleaning. Be conscious of the material your furniture is made of as they require various techniques of cleaning:

  • Use a vacuum for upholstery. It will also remove debris of food and dirt from years of usage.
  • Wipe and dust your mirrors first to avoid stains accumulating on the glass
  • Furniture or décor made of steel can corrode when the wrong cleaning solution is used. So make sure you’re cleaning materials are not damaging and specifically made for that type of material.
  • Leather pieces are delicate so it’s best to use a leather cleaner to avoid damage and discolouration.
  • Dust off wooden pieces and use diluted soapy water to wipe them clean.

The cleaning process should begin no less than 24 hours before wrapping. This way, you are assured that the furniture is completely dry. Remember that even the slightest amount of moisture can cultivate fungi. If the furniture has not dried, you can use a hairdryer or a fan to finish off the drying process.

Carefully Wrap Items

Wrapping is the most vital process in packing and storing your belongings. It protects your items from a lot of factors such as dust, grime, temperature changes, humidity, moisture, pests, impact and more. So, to ensure safety, you need to properly wrap the furniture. Here are some of the guidelines you can follow:

  • Before using the packing wrap, wooden and leather pieces are best wrapped with a cloth such as blankets and bedsheets. This way, you will avoid shrinkage and cracks.
  • Upholstery should not be wrapped too tightly. It’s important to let the furniture breathe to avoid unpleasant odours from building up. Make sure the wrap is breathable yet secured and not too loose.
  • Glass and mirrors are the most fragile items. So to prevent breakage, use bubble wrap, double corrugated boxes, or encase them in a Styrofoam.
  • Before wrapping metal furniture and décor, wrap an old blanket or bedsheet that can prevent scratches and dents.

 Prepare you furniture

Different furniture pieces require varying storage preparations, especially when planning for the move. For instance, furniture made with leather calls for delicate cleaning materials and requires further steps such as applying a leather protectant. While wooden items should be treated with cleaning products suggested by the manufacturer. Glass and mirrors are fragile. One mistake and they can easily break and shatter. So, to prevent that from happening, put markers on the wrappers or boxes where there are breakables inside. Steel decorations or furniture pieces should be cross-checked for existing rust. Failure to do so may lead to rust and corrosion.

Dismantle your furniture whenever possible

Stacking assembled furniture won’t save time. It just wastes space inside your storage unit. Assembled pieces inside a moving vehicle pose a high risk of damage or worse, breakage. It’s basic Law of Science – when the surface is shaky, the bigger and the taller an item is, the higher the chance of stumbling over, damaging it and other pieces around it. Dissembling furniture, gives you access to wrapping and securing them. This way, you can stop any kind of damage occurring.

However, we don’t encourage dismantling antique pieces. These items are too fragile and might deteriorate from all the unscrewing and screwing back.

Organise your storage unit to maximise space

It’s important to strategise how to place different items and furniture in your storage unit. Properly arranging them inside will allow you to maximise the space and have all your belongings secured. If you’re not very good at organising things, here are some of the tricks you can do:

  • Avoid stacking furniture and other items too close together. You need enough space to go around when you need them. Plus, it creates airflow for the furniture, avoiding moulds and fungi.
  • Use items to hold or protect another item. This technique is called nesting and similar to its actual meaning, you can shelter smaller items by using the larger ones.
  • As much as possible, don’t put anything directly on the floor. Doing so is a disaster waiting to happen. There are a lot of unpredictables instances that can take place inside your storage such as damp floors because of weather changes and other possible water leaks in the area. You might not have the luxury of time to monitor this so to avoid the problem, it’s best to lay wooden pallets on the floor. These pallets will act as a sponge in case any of any leakage.
  • Never lean anything on the wall. Change of temperature inside and outside the storage unit creates humidity. Hence, can travel through the wall and reach your furniture, leaving them damp and at risk of fungi cultivation.

Have the right boxes

Don’t use cheap boxes in storing your items. Use strong, stable, and robust ones that can hold and protect anything inside. There is a wide variety of boxes designed to hold different kinds of items. Avoid placing all heavy items in one huge box, instead, use smaller ones so anyone can easily lift them. When you think of it, it’s easier to place pillows, blankets, bedsheets, and clothes inside a garbage bag. However, you must keep in mind how garbage bags can tear easily and restricts proper airflow which could lead to mildew.

2 Easy Perth can provide sturdy boxes and packing materials to assist with packing and storing fragile items. We have three box packages that you can choose from suit your requirements.

Use hanging wardrobe boxes for storing clothes

When you’re planning to store clothes for a long time, consider using a hanging wardrobe. Experts say by doing so, you promote good airflow inside your clothes, thus, prevents deterioration. Hanging will also prevent damage when you decide to start unpacking and pulling the clothes out. It’s easier to navigate as well, so it’s faster to find what you’re looking for.

We can guarantee the best wardrobe boxes to hang and store your clothes safely. Simply select your package, provide your details, and we will call you back for an upfront quote and consultation!

Label boxes

You may argue that you have a good memory. But after years of not seeing your storage unit, you will most likely forget which boxes contain this and that. So, to ensure you don’t get lost inside your own storage unit, label your boxes. Put the labels in a visible spot so you can save time when you need to unpack something.

Carefully load your furniture into the moving truck

Use moving dollys and lifting straps to ensure the items are transferred and loaded into the truck safely and lessens the impact on your body. We also suggest planning a moving course so your Removal Company knows where to go and where to pick up the items. Refrain from doing all the lifting by yourself, call to the service of a Removalist trusted for doing a great removals job. Not only will this lessen the risk of damage to the items, but you also prevent injuries that you may sustain doing it yourself.

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